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A special edition of prints by Lucy Willis RWA - 95% of proceeds to the Indian Earthquake Appeal

In 1999 Lucy Willis took a group of 16 painters to Bhuj, the ancient and beautiful city in Gujarat now destroyed by the earthquake in January 2001. The paintings they produced represent a valuable record of the palaces, washing ghats and vernacular architecture of the city (mostly now reduced to rubble) as well as the tribal villages of the Kutch region and their people.

A month after the earthquake the artists contributed their paintings to form an exhibition at the Curwen Gallery, London so that they could be sold to raise money for the earthquake victims.

They raised £22,000 which has been sent to Gujarat via UNICEF and an organisation to help the women of Kutch re-establish their crucial embroidery businesses which have been devastated.

This series of prints of watercolours by Lucy Willis, each in a signed and numbered edition of 150, has been specially published for the earthquake appeal and records the beauty of Bhuj before its destruction.

Theses can be purchased as follows:-

  • A3 size prints £95.00
  • A4 size prints £55.00
  • Full set of seven prints: £500




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